Thursday, March 31, 2011


There. I said it. I don't mean to jump on the weather whiner's bandwagon and to be perfectly honest, I love me some snow. But this has been a long, hard winter in so many ways and I'm done. I need the rush that I get when I see my first tulip and the feeling of rejuvenation that comes with the sense that everything is coming to life. I'm tired of potatoes and greens at the farmers' market. I've started a new chapter and am trying to not look back, how come Mother Nature has to dwell?

When I was playing ostrich and ignoring the forecast, I had visions of yard clean up, compost turning and finally planting some seeds. Of course, I can still plant seeds even while it's snowing, but something just feels WRONG about it. Ah well, maybe it's one last hearty batch of chili instead.

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