Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wishful thinking

This weekend was so spectacular that I couldn't keep myself away from the garden store. It's like one minute I was singing with the radio loud and the windows down, driving no where in particular (crazy, I know, with gas prices like this) and autopilot just took my car to Hewitt's. They had some cool weather veggies out and I decided, although it's risky, that I simply can't wait to start the garden.

I was smart though - I made salad pots. I bought a handful of lettuce plants and planted them in terra cotta pots. They're out on the front step enjoying the sunshine and rain, but can easily seek the shelter of the house if we get a cold snap. I did plant some pansies - just needed some color - but I'm willing to risk it. I also made a revolutionary move - I broke the "veggie gardens are in backyards" rule. See, I have a great big tree in my backyard that seriously limits my planting space, but my front is super sunny. So, along a decorative fence up near the house, with luck I'll have some brussells sprouts to harvest. Hope they don't look like big nasty weeds!

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  1. I'm so with you on the urge to add some color and future eats to the outdoors! I have a pot or 2 that I'd like to toss some argula seeds in before I head to California Friday, hoping there will be some sprouting upon my return. Hope you have sunny weather next week and everything thrives.