Thursday, September 16, 2010

Less junky junk?

As I was wandering around our new Fresh Market* the other day with a grin on my face ususally reserved for munchkins on a certain day in December, I stumbled across portable little mac and cheese cups that weren't loaded with garbage. I won't say they're the healthiest thing in the world (they have a lot of sodium and, c'mon, it's mac and cheese), but they're quick, easy and desk drawer-worthy so that's enough to make me a happy camper. I have to say it was pretty good - tasty in that boxed mac and cheese sort of way, with a reasonable portion size to get me through the afternoon munchies and home to a real dinner. I've come a long way from the day-glo orange stuff with hot dogs cut up in it, but sometimes you just need crappy comfort food!
*I kind of have a thing for grocery stores, especially fun, pretty, unconventional grocery stores that carry an abundance of products I will actually eat. Hi, my name is Green Peccadilloes, I'm addicted to food shopping...


  1. Uh oh! I think I need to go Food Shoppers Anonymous too!

  2. If you find the local chapter, will you clue me in??