Thursday, September 2, 2010

Part of the Problem

This post isn't entirely about food, but the lessons translate well. News broke this week that a really cool local music joint and coffee shop known as the Bread and Jam Cafe is closing its doors tomorrow. The Bread and Jam is the kind of place that has it all - great atmosphere, amazing support for local music and a location in a city that's "this close" to renaissance. For those of us who like local, this place was it.

Now is the time for me to admit my hypocrisy. We only made it over to the B&J a few times - each time exclaiming its virtues and swearing we'd make the trek more often (it's about a 15 min trip for us, which in a world where we can walk to most of our haunts, is a trek). This is utterly ridiculous. I have a number of local musician friends who played there regularly, one band - the Tern Rounders - even hosted a monthly event. There was always an excuse... "we'll be at camp" or "it's a work night" blah blah blah. So here, even as I felt great disappointment upon hearing of the Cafe's closing I know that I am part of the problem. Even as I write this there is one last open mic night under way, but it's hot, and I'm tired, and my Buckeyes are playing their first game of the season.

Would my presence there four or five more times have saved the place? Certainly not (I mean, I like my coffee and cakes, but not THAT much). But how many out there are like me, saying they should get to some great place more often, but never quite following through? How many local places in all of our communities, who are doing great work, be it by supporting local music, sourcing local produce or just generally trying to make their little part of the world a bit better fall victim to the sloth and excuses of folks like me? This has been a good, if sad, reminder that I should be better.


  1. One of the saddest closings EVER. I'm going to miss Bread & Jam :(

  2. I get it. It's bad for everyone when this happens. I think it's not uncommon right now, with the economy the way it is. It's very flippin sad. I'm pissed.