Wednesday, December 21, 2011

9th day of GP

Give and ye shall receive.

A good friend, and recipient of a cell phone photo text message of the Joy of Cooking's tenderloin guidance, passed this along.  I can't wait to try this...

"Saratoga olive oil.  In addition to just being super, super nice, their selection is fantastic.  You can taste everything (they get rock hill bakery bread) and they have really interesting stuff.  Regional olive oils as well as flavored, plus flavored balsamics and other specialty oils (grape seed, etc… they have this butternut squash oil that is OUTSTANDING.  I had a little on just plain pasta last night.)  They do gift baskets and they have recipes on their website and in store for using all their product.  Really great and local!"

There is a lot about this I love - good service, local, highly recommended by a friend I trust, and since I love the idea of a super quick meal, something as cool as butternut squash oil on pasta is very appealing to me.  Even I can't pretend I don't have time for that!

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