Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spicy Puppy

My pup has a bad habit of chewing on his leash while we're walking. We use one of those retractor leashes, so I'd been concerned that it would fray and have been meaning to buy bitter apple or something to stop him from chewing. Of course I didn't get to it and the leash snapped over the weekend. Thankfully we were at my Dad's and he was safe.

So I decided that we are breaking this habit, pronto. Still haven't had a chance to get to the store for bitter apple, but a handy dandy internet search suggested a bit of hot sauce on the leash. Feeling guilty and mean, I set out for a "it's in your own best interest" intervention with the pup. I shook some hot sauce into a napkin and dragged it over the leash, filled up a big bowl of water and headed outside with him for some behavior modification.

My dog likes hot sauce. He licked the leash, gave me a "hmmmm, this is interesting" face and continued to suck away. Me - 0, pup - 1. Time for round two.

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