Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All hail the King

I am NOT a baker. I have a dessert or two I enjoy making - mainly a good berry crisp (rhubarb and strawberries, I'm coming for you very soon...) - but for the most part I simply don't have the precision or patience. Cooking is fine because unless I'm trying to follow a very specific recipe, which I almost never do, I can usually just work with what I have. None of this measuring crap.

However, thanks to King Arthur flour, I do make a mean scone. Ok, King Arthur makes a mean scone, but I'm learning to make it my own. They have this excellent basic scone mix that you can add whatever you like to. I originally bought it (along with their muffin and pancake mix) to find a home for the millions of blueberries in my yard. We'll discuss that further in July. I've branched out though, and made a variation on Western One's favorite this morning - turkish apricot and almond. Of course I realized after I started that my almond supply was low, so I chopped up some old cinnamon roasted almonds instead - an interesting variation, but not quite my original masterpiece.

While the scone mix doesn't need anything, I like to play around a little depending on the fruit I'm adding. For this batch, it was a touch of freshly grated nutmeg and some vanilla.

Best part? Yet another crap-free product. Try reading the labels of grocery store muffin mix one of these days. The drawback? While the King Arthur catalog is super fun to look at, it does cost a small fortune to ship pounds and pounds of flour. But, the store is just outside of Norwich, VT - if you're ever wandering through lovely New England, stop in and stock up, it's worth it!

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