Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now this is living...

Western One's chili, cornbread, cold beer and a campfire. After a long and harrowing week, this was a much needed Friday night dinner. We opened camp this weekend and it has dawned on me that not only do I need to think about good, fresh meals during the week, we have to plan ahead a bit for weekends too. Fingers crossed for a bountiful CSA this year, weekends at the lake will cut down on my farmer's market time (thank goodness for mid-week in downtown Albany) and we all know there's no relying on MY garden.

[editorial note: I would, however, like to report that I have garlic popping up, teeny tiny strawberries, the rhubarb (that I didn't plant...) is doing well and there's a flower on one pea plant. We will focus on the positive today and ignore the death and destruction among the rest of my plants.]

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