Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wind wind go away

Today would be a great day to putter around in my fledgling little garden and will my tiny plants not to die. I'm a bit slow thanks to a fun night out at the LCA show at which I had to consume copious amounts of gin (but not tooooo much, mind you) to wash down the predictably bad Crowne Plaza banquet food. We are convinced the meal consisted of steak-ums and boxed au gratin potatoes. Anyway - unappealing meal plus a touch of a hangover is a great recipe for garden and kitchen puttering, but it's crazy windy out and the outdoor part of that plan just isn't as fun as it should be. If I can get myself motivated to make coffee and get to the store(s) - grocery shopping is always an adventure for me - maybe I can just stick to a lazy day in the kitchen. Ah, but that means getting off the couch.

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