Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ideas anyone?

It's T minus one week until we set out on our great road trip. On the way to Wyoming we will be trying to drive as close to straight through as is possible with a pup and a spoiled brat (read: me) in the car. So lots of breaks, but rest stop breaks and I am determined to find a way to eat like a normal human being as I'm driving past all that corn that ends up in our processed food.

Impossible, you say? I'm up for the challenge.

I stopped at the co-op today and stocked up on car compatible munchies such as trail mix, dried apple slices and bottles of fruit smoothies. And these... not just because I love Macaroons (although I'm skeptical of a canned version) but because I couldn't resist a snack with some creepy guy staring back at me.

Any ideas for good roadtrip snacks?


  1. Dude, I CAN.NOT. be left alone with a can/container of coconut macaroons! They are so good! My mom used to make them as a kid. They were alright, but then my friend was celebrating Chanukah one year and her family had them ALL OVER the house. OH MY GOSH. LOVE AT FIRST BITE! The coconut doesn't get stuck in your teeth or anything!

    *deep breath*

    Ok, sorry. You've totally touched upon a topic I lurve.

  2. @ Albany Jane - I'll be very surprised if this particular can actually survives intact until the road trip, and it certainly won't make it out of New York. Although they often require enduring meetings in a stuffy wax museum, the almond macaroons from the Ft Orange Club are a little gift from cookie heaven...quite possibly my greatest weakness in Albany, although maybe that's just because you can't just go buy them.

    Speaking of cookies... I'm STILL thinking about those salted caramel maracons you made! Were they as good as they looked?

  3. I thought Swedish Fish and Ritz Crackers were the car snack of choice for you, especially when you get carsick! We usually make a huge trail mix with lots of different goodies in it, but our trips aren't usually this long!
    Good luck!

  4. I remember a time when you thought strawberry angel food cake was an appropriate road trip snack...
    Hope you had a great time on the road. :)

  5. To my dear anonymous friends... yes, swedish fish, ritz crackers and even strawberry angel food cake have served me well. Ah, those were the days. Although I will admit, I think the hangover contributed to the appropriateness of strawberry angel food cake.