Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not just for breakfast anymore

What kind of crazy person decides to bake at 5:30pm in an A/C-free kitchen? This girl. I was picking my daily blueberry harvest and suddenly felt the urge to bake muffins. At 5:30. I've never been particularly committed to "time of day appropriate" foods and have justified pie for breakfast on multiple occasions (really, is it any different than a danish?) so why not muffins for dessert?

I think it was the fact that while I was picking, I got thinking about making muffins as a kid. This was back in my Betty Crocker days (I've already professed my love for King Arthur). I've always been a "just enough muffin to hold the blueberries together" kind of person, and my grandmother and I would ALWAYS use fresh blueberries when they were in season. Instead of wasting the preserved Maine blueberries in a can, they were stored in the cabinet so that out of blueberry season I could maintain that critical blueberry to cake ratio and use multiple cans for one box of mix. The thought of blueberry muffins as comfort food made me smile and I just had to have them. Maybe it's because there's nothing I can do for my poor injured puppy dog and his cone of shame.
Today's harvest only yielded a bit more than a cup of berries (I know I shouldn't say "only" when I'm picking almost every day) so I dug into my frozen stash to beef up the berry content a bit. I felt like I was on a winning streak at a slot machine, pushing it just a bit farther ("that's plenty" "no, it's not, just a few more" "wait, wait, no, one more handful...") The muffins aren't what I'd call pretty - lots of berries makes for a crumbly consistency but it's so worth it for the juicy, tarty goodness.

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  1. I love those little fresh balls of nummy sugar and fruit!!!!