Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Leading up to today, I've been referring to the event as Un-thanksgiving as we were staying home, laying low and cooking steaks. However, as we all know, Thanksgiving isn't about turkey and cranberry sauce (although I'm really jonesing for some leftovers... anyone wanna share?). The fact that there were just four of us and we had beef instead of poultry doesn't make the holiday "un". We were reminded of that fact this morning, in a shocking manner, when Western One learned a friend of his had recently been through a stunningly violent and traumatic event. I've never met this woman, yet I've found myself haunted all day and wanted nothing more than to have my loved ones close. I got that tonight, plus a great meal. Who can ask for more?

Just yesterday, I had a silly car incident that had me frustrated and feeling sorry for myself, and today such trivialities were quickly put in perspective. So today was most certainly Thanksgiving. We are all luckier than we know, a fact that's so easy to forget when we get wrapped up in our own lives. Lots of pics and details regarding my fantastic meal to come, tonight I'm going to revel in my food coma, wine buzz and the general feeling that I am truly blessed. Happy Thanksgiving all.

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