Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've mentioned before that Western One did a lot of wooing with his cooking. I recognize that I'm pretty lucky we're a culinary couple. My dear friend in the South reminded me of this fact recently when she mentioned her husband isn't too keen on her cooking Indian dishes. I gasped because throwing veggies and or meat into a simple simmer sauce and warming up some naan is one of our signature "we're too tired to cook" meals. The whole "he doesn't like this" and "he doesn't like" that thing is just something I really don't have to deal with. So we both like a diverse range of food and we can both cook. Pretty freggin awesome, if you ask me. (Please pardon the giant link to nowhere .... Wonderpup, in a desperate plea for tug of war, knocked something on my computer and I can't make it go away. I simply don't have the energy tonight to fight technology!)

We do, of course, have our specialties, and Mexican or Southwestern is Western One's. I've dabbled but will never hold a candle. The other night he decided to whip up a dish ... in a nutshell - black beans, homemade guac, skirt steak marinated in chipotle and grilled, all atop a tortilla and accompanied by fried plantains and a lovely mango-cilantro jobby. It was great - now I just can't decide whether I should keep practicing or just make him cook when I have a hankering for Mexican. What I do know, however, is I am so glad I don't like with a picky eater!

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