Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chipotle Chicken Salad

I threw some chicken on the grill on Sunday night.  This was very exciting for me as I've had a grill sitting sans tank in my backyard for longer than I care to admit.  I don't really like messing around with propane tanks so I just never dealt with it.  But facing a beautiful evening and thawing chicken on Sunday, I bit the bullet and decided to finally get the grill functioning.  By that I mean I offered this proposal to someone with a Y chromosome "I'll make dinner if you will make my grill work."  Deal.  I'm a little ashamed a made a boy help me, but it's less of a girl thing as a "if something can go wrong it will and I don't want to blow myself up" thing.  Either way, problem solved.

So threw two of the four chicken breasts I'd thawed on the grill with a fantastic marinade I made with Penzey's Trinidad spice and enjoyed a tasty Sunday dinner.  Determined to stop wasting food, I knew last night that I had to cook the remaining two breasts. (Please don't ask why I didn't just do it on Sunday, there is no good answer).

I was tired, and wanted to neither eat nor cook so I put NO effort into these chicken breasts.  I thought I'd make chicken salad for lunch, so I didn't even bother to season them.  Shameful, I know, but straight onto the grill they went while I sat down to watch Ally McBeal on Netflix.  Off the grill and into the fridge with not as much as a second thought went my poor, neglected chicken breasts.

This morning, feeling a tad less apathetic, I set out to make chicken salad for lunch.  No celery, no nuts, no tarragon.  Nada.  My poor cuppords are still bare.  I ended up starting out simple with just some salt, pepper, and mayo then I decided to give the salad a little shake of chipotle powder.  Genius!!

The chile plus the char from the grill work together perfectly to make what was going to be my very boring lunch much less so.

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  1. Wasting food is a HUGE pet peeve of mine and it is a constant struggle to avoid letting it happen. I, too, have recently mastered the changing of the propane tank and, like most things, it really wasn't that hard. Actually, it wasn't hard at all.