Sunday, August 7, 2011

A meal like no other

This post is WAY overdue.  A few weekends back it was hot and I didn't especially want to do my weekend chores, so I called and invited myself to my Uncle's pool.  It's family, so it's not really inviting yourself, right?  No one was home so I left the "hey, haven't seen you guys in a while, are ya sitting by the pool?" message and crossed my fingers.  In fact, I ran out to cross some things off my to-do list and inadvertently left my phone behind.

When I returned, I had an email from my Uncle and a voicemail from his girlfriend.  The gist of both was this:  Grab your suit and bring a live lobster with you.  It's not a message one gets every day, but boy was it a welcome one.

The kitchen is always an
adventure for Wonderpup!
Needless to say, they'd picked up a few lobsters and suggested I do the same and get my butt out to the hilltowns for a fantastic evening.  I probably left tread marks I flew out of the door so fast!  My main issue, however, was securing the lobster with wonderpup.  It was one of those days where I refused to leave him in the car for even a second.  Thank goodness for quiet, suburban strip malls.  I parked in a slightly inconspicuous spot outside the Yuppie Chopper and left the car running and the A/C cranking.  I've done this before, but this time for some reason, I didn't have my spare key.  I made the mad dash for my singular crustacean and was back in no time.  Thankfully, my guy didn't really notice there was another live creature in the car and the rest of the drive was without incident.

A little pool floating, a pitcher of something purple and potent, and some snacks made for a nice lead up to the main event.  Wonderpup was introduced to a new creature - he was intrigued.

I'm not sure how to describe the dinner to those who don't know my family, but to those that do, this makes perfect sense.  My Uncle insists on french fries with lobster, a combo I don't remember having before (not counting lobster rolls, of course) but I will most certainly enjoy again.  To compliment the lobster and fries was a fantastic bottle of white.  This coming from someone who can often take or leave whites. I wish I'd snagged the name, but of course I didn't.  Again, knowing my hosts, it wasn't an inexpensive bottle.  Then, for ambiance, Zappa was blaring in the background.  A toast to family who also happen to be good friends and the evening was just perfect.

Whatta meal...

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