Monday, August 8, 2011

Picnic Dinner

The other night some girlfriends and I descended on Tanglewood.  Our college was doing a little alumni thing and we used it as a great excuse to all get together, as it had been far too long.  The four of us were all in a freshman year mentor class - something our small college was trying back then - so I met them all even before our first day of class and too infrequent visits aside, we're still together even after our ten year reunion.  Needless to say, I love these girls.

And I love Tanglewood.  I've been there three times now - which shocks me as it's so amazing and so close - and each visit is special to me for different reasons.  It's hard to have a bad time in such a beautiful spot.  The alumni even provided us with light dinners and we brought along wine, cheese and chocolate.  As you can see, I am not above wine in a Solo cup.  Sometimes that is just how I roll.

The dinner came with a quinoa salad with corn and black beans that was great.  It reminded me that I haven't made quinoa in forever.  I don't have any in the house after the great grain purge, but I'll have to pick some up soon.  It was a perfect evening, with good food and wine, better company and a sky full of stars as I lay on my back and listened to John Willams conduct his ET score.  A week later and I'm still smiling over it...

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