Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time for cukes!

Maybe it's the WASP-y roots I try to cover up with allegiance to my poor, Irish-Catholic ancestors but I do love me a good cucumber sandwich.  None of this brown bread at tea time crap though, the cucumber sandwiches I grew up with came on wonder bread and were slathered with mayo.  Gummy, processed white bread really is still a necessity for me this time of year - neither cucumber sandwiches nor tomato sandwiches are quite right without it.  I've tried to use better bread and tomato sandwiches can come close because they're on toast, but I just can't stray with cucumbers.  Moreover, the sandwiches can only be consumed this time of year with fresh from the garden cucumbers.  Don't even bother with off season store bought junk, not even the same sandwich.

My cukes are coming in slowly and they're small, but I think they'll come.  My plants have lots of flowers.  My dad sent me home with some bigguns' this weekend, but without white bread (or any bread for that matter) in the house, I had to resort to enjoying them in a healthy, fairly-unprocessed fashion with a dollop of spinach tzatziki sauce which I did not make myself.  I may have to stop at the store for bread on my way into work in the morning and make myself a sandwich for lunch (week two, no lunches out!).  I might look strange walking into the office with a loaf of bread though...


  1. we're confused as to when we need to harvest our cukes....they're not long and tapered but round like this normal?

  2. hmmm mine are a bit squat, but not round. never seen that before - maybe the variety you got?