Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gummy Chicken?

I have this fun little device that tells me about five of you are out there in the world reading Green Peccadilloes.  I love you all dearly.  Second to the idea that anyone at all is reading, my favorite part of the tool is that when someone stumbles on the blog via google (or, I suppose, some other search engine - but really, who uses another search engine?) I can see the search terms he or she used.  Occassionally it's good for a smile or, like today, a bit of puzzlement.

Someone in Kansas found me (and if you're still reading...welcome!!) by typing:

"How do you cook chicken breasts for chicken salad so it's not gummy?"

I do realize I just wrote a post on chicken salad, but I'm still surprised google analytics put GP high enough in the search results to get a hit on this.  Further, gummy chicken salad?  Can someone explain this phenomenon to me?  I'm completely fascinated.


  1. i'm confused: the chicken is gummy or the chicken is making the salad gummy?

  2. ive found some really bizarre searches that lead to my site...always a hoot

  3. So I just wasted a couple minutes of my life because this stupid page ranks first on google. Do the world a favor and delete it please. Or do you need the 5 cents a month you get from advertising?