Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fungi part duex

This picture isn't the best. It was taken surreptitiously on my phone in the middle of a restaurant. (Western One gets embarrassed when I photograph my food in public) But it's important nonetheless because it captures two very special moments. This is a photo of the remains of a gnocchi dish at The Gingerman. I love gnocchi. I love the Gingerman. I love this gnocchi. It made my week. It was light, flavorful and autumnal. That in and of itself is wonderful.

But see all that junk left on the plate? Um, yeah, those would be mushrooms. Well, there's some pancetta in there too, but still, mushrooms. Most of you know how I feel about mushrooms. But I was a big girl and a gave one (an oyster) a try like an adult. I did not squeal or gag at the table. I chewed, swallowed and was done with it. Baby steps.

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