Thursday, October 28, 2010

'Til next year, dear farm.

Tonight was our last CSA delivery of the season. Western One made a fantastic tarragon potato soup, of which I did not take a picture (sorry). But trust me, it was something to behold. It's important that I acknowledge the awesomeness of this soup to set things right with the world. I was leaving my workout a little after 8 tonight, famished and exhausted, and some of my fellow torture victims and I were discussing dinner. I said "I really hope dinner is done when i get home, I'm dying. But with my luck he will have prepared soup. He seems to have a knack for making soup when I could just about eat my right arm." Not that Western One doesn't make a fantastic soup, because he does. But you know what I mean. I instantly felt guilty because I'm super lucky to have someone at home cooking dinner for me in the first place, but my growling stomach did give me a little punch when I walked in the door and saw soup was on. But this was a nice, hearty soup that really worked as a meal. Especially when coupled with half a brick of pepper jack inhaled while it was cooking.

So this final delivery (and some vicious insomnia) has caused me to reflect on the growing season. I feel like we were even worse about utilizing our share than we were last year. I could be wrong, but it feels that way. I didn't get much done in terms of preservation - I have a few jars of pickles, some frozen sauce and maybe a baggie of frozen green beans.

Still, I don't regret participating in the CSA and I will certainly do it again next year. I have a slight urge to espouse all sorts of resolutions about being better next year, learning to can, cooking every night, etc etc etc., but it's 3am and I don't really have the energy for bullshit at the moment. Even considering the fact that we are not able to consume or preserve all that we get from our share, I find the whole experience worth it. We've had some fantastic meals, many of which were the direct result of needing to come up with something to use CSA bounty. There were at least a few nights we stayed in to use share veggies instead of eating out or ordering takeout. And, of course, it feels good to support a local farm.

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  1. Western one probably hates the idea of food blogging photos and wouldn't yet take one, right?
    Jeez, when are these anti-foodie-blogging-haters gonna get over themselves. I hate them, like I hate Glenn Beck.