Thursday, October 21, 2010


Last night was so frustrating. I got home late - tired, hungry and grumpy so I succumbed to Western One's suggestion we go out to eat. I could hear the angel and devil on each shoulder:

A: "There is plenty of food in the house, you can come up with something quick. You should cook that burger."
D: "No cooking, no dishes, no problem..."
A: "Seriously, it's cold. Who the heck wants to go back outside?"
D: "Cold? As in beer? There's no beer in the house...."

And out it was.

I got over my guilt fairly quickly and we had a lovely meal at one of our favorite places. But then, this morning on the way to work, I realized we both totally forgot the farmshare. So not only did we spend money, waste the meat I should have cooked (because I also didn't make it tonight and now I have it in my head it's been thawed too long....), but we left veggies out in the cold. Not my most efficient evening. But the frosty pint of Brooklyn was great.

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