Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Let me count the ways I find this disturbing...

1. A dear family member thought it was appropriate to send me this picture before 9am. (I get the whole clam/tomato juice bloody mary connection, but still ... I think this explains many of my problems).

2. It contains "Natural flavor and certified color". What is God's name is certified color?

3. It's BUDWEISER AND CLAM JUICE. Not vodka. Budweiser.

I'm not one to begrudge anyone a cultural speciality (yes, I'm making some assumptions here based on the packaging). I mean, I'm Scottish and eat haggis, I don't get to judge. But, it's BUDWEISER AND CLAM JUICE. Wow.
Anyone out there wanna set me straight on this? Am I missing the only tolerable way to consume bud?


  1. Hi!!!! Well.......... since you admitted to eating haggis, I feel I can chime in here and tell you that beer and bloody mary mix is very popular, as is vodka and clamato juice as you mentioned. So why not beer and clam juice? I would much prefer to have the two and mix them myself instead of have it out of a can, but I think it's not a bad idea for beer/clamato/bloody mary folks. Would I try it? Uhhh maybe just a sip. Would I order beer with Tomato juice, Yep! Take care, Keri sandwich365

  2. Ha! The boy had a can if that stuff on the fridge for the longest! I told him to drink or throw it out. It is now in a land fill in Sch'dy

  3. Well, I'm not intrigued by the beer and tomato juice thing (learn something new every day) but I'm with Keri, I'll make my own!