Sunday, December 12, 2010

Manufactured Leftovers

Since I've been unable to shake the real turkey sandwich craving after my bovine-based Thanksgiving, I finally decided to just give in. I grabbed a turkey breast at the store today, something that I really would never think to make for a dinner. Ah, but cold the next day, that's another story. There is a nice ziploc baggy of sliced up meat in the fridge, just crying out for salt, pepper, mayo and white bread. I think it also has a little date with the leftover bacon from this morning.

Now I know I could make something fancier with my "leftover" turkey. Some great sandwich on whole grain bread with avocado and greens. But that's not what I've been dying for. I want simple, bad for me mayo and white bread goodness.

This also helps me solve my lunch dilemma for a few days. I'm not a big cold cuts person so the easy sandwich is often out of reach. That is excepting PB&J, of course, but there are two problems with that for me: 1. I so enjoy a good PB&J that I usually can't wait until lunchtime to eat it and scarf it down at my desk around 10, thus defeating the purpose, and 2. Wonderpup is OBSESSED with peanut butter and until I actually remember to buy more, I just don't have the heart to slather the last of his favorite treat on bread for myself.

Finally, I'm trying a new stock-making method - in the oven. It wasn't quite done when my bedtime/blog-drafting time came around, so Western One is in charge of wrapping it up. Let's see how that goes...


  1. I once did something similar for a casual get-together. I roasted a turkey breast the day before and then set up a build-your-own turkey club buffet. It was a nice time. I think you will like the stock in the oven method. Nice, low maintenance and a good end result.

  2. @ Albany Jane - Seriously! I shuddered a little even writing that. Worst part is, I went looking for the bacon, became convinced Western One ate it, then found it days later, making it not only left over, but wasted. It was from Oscar's. Travesty!

    @ Jon in Albany - I did very much like the oven method and may just have to steal your club party idea one of these days, what a great one!