Monday, December 27, 2010


My mom made a big turkey dinner for Christmas, so despite our non-turkey Thanksgiving, I was able to stuff myself with juicy bird, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and, most importantly, pie. I make an okay pie. I whipped up a couple of pumpkin pies this season but never got around to apple. I'm the first to admit I'm bad at crusts and currently don't even own a rolling pin (something that I hope will soon be remedied by my woodworking Uncle who has promised me a homemade french rolling pin) so my apple pies almost always have a crumb topping.
My mom, however, does make a good pie. And, more importantly, she always makes extra. One of my favorite rituals is pie for breakfast. It's no different than a sugary danish or cinnamon bun and is often tastier.

We were sent home with a selection of slices. I scarfed down one slice of mixed berry for breakfast the other day but hadn't touched the stuff in a day or so. We're leaving town tomorrow and it would be sin to let the pie go bad, so I grabbed the tin for a little dessert buffet. Clearly we have an elf in the house - I did not take a bite out of the remaining slice of berry, and Western One swears it wasn't him. I'll let you decide, but it looks like a fork scar to me...

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  1. I'll be honest - a wine bottle does just the same trick as a rolling pin. ;)