Monday, December 6, 2010


Ok, what the hell is this? Someone needs to teach me how to properly wrap a wrap. But hey, I actually made myself a healthy lunch today - veggies and hummus wrapped, er, folded up in a device that is supposed to be for wrapping, but apparently is not. I'd like to pretend this sad sandwich got smooshed in my bag, but it pretty much went in looking like this.

Now that it's frigid, getting outside for a walk at lunch is considerably less appealing. This is good because I really need to be better about bringing food to work. I try to pack up leftovers, but I'm so bad at eating the same meal twice in a row. I'm not a big lunchmeat person, what with all the crap loaded in cold cuts, so I'm trying to get creative. This wasn't too interesting, just cukes and red pepper with a healthy schmear of hummus, but it was tasty. Any easy lunch ideas, dear readers?


  1. I know... leftovers can be such a drag... It is always a dilemma for me, every morning. I usually bring leftovers... some foods make better leftovers than others... stews, soup and pasta. But other than that and we have to get creative! Salads with almonds and good cheese is always yummy. lots of snacks.. and of course dessert!

  2. there's a trick to folding, don't overstuffed, but try this out too...