Thursday, July 7, 2011

Herby help?

I've been a very neglectful person lately.  I've neglected my garden.  I've neglected my yard.  I've neglected Green Peccadilloes.  I do have some holiday weekend fun to share, but said sharing involves uploading pictures, something I've neglected to do this week.  I have not, however, neglected outdoor drinking and dining.  I have my priorities.

I have also been a vigilant moth-killer.  I think my devastation is under control (knocking on wood as we speak...) although I'm scared to put my kitchen back together and as a result still haven't really cooked since the "incident".  That also contributes to a slow blog week.

So, I figured this is a good opportunity to seek insight from my knowledgable readers.  Who out there is a successful cilantro grower?  I know I pop up in the RSS feed of at least a few garden gurus, so give it up!! I've never been especially lucky with growing cilantro, but this year is just rediculous.  Each plant has about three leaves and then went straight to seed.  I tried to keep it trimmed back, to no avail.  How on earth am I supposed to make fresh salsa with my homegrown tomatoes and peppers if my cilantro won't grow??

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