Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thanks H!

Recently I had my dear friends come visit camp for a little fun in the sun and beach time.  As it was only my second trip up and my first in a few weeks, my culinary stock wasn't quite as robust as I like it to be for camp cooking, but we made do.  Beach munchies, cold beer, caprese salad and chicken over the fire - not bad.

But, by far the best part was the dessert.  H, who is the best big sister anyone could ask for, biology or just a week between aside, knew from her devoted reading of Green Peccadilloes that I was craving strawberry shortcake.  And she made it for me!!  I never have the patience to make the biscuits myself so this was an extra special treat.  What was even better is there was enough left over for breakfast.

It was Wimbledon weekend so strawberries and cream were especially fitting, but really nothing quite says summer like fresh, homemade strawberry shortcake.  Ok, well maybe that and fun times on the beach with old friends and new with a little waterfight thrown in.  Good thing for me I got it all.  Due to my work schedule, my summer really doesn't start until the 4th and what a fantastic way to start what  already has been a happy, exciting summer.  Lucky girl, I am.

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