Friday, July 29, 2011

It may be no big deal to you...

...but it's a very big deal to me....  Ah Lyle.  Anyway, an exciting, if trivial milestone.  It's Friday, I worked every day this week and I did not once purchase breakfast or lunch.  No trips to Starbuck's for coffee cake. No walks to the Capitol carts.  Nada.  I did grab a bros tacos burrito on the way home for dinner once, but otherwise, I was really good about the evening meal too.

I'm trying to be better about both money and quality food consumption and as regular visitors know, the workday is my downfall.  Sometimes I'm tired and forget lunch.  Or I really just don't feel like what I brought.  Or, most likely, I just have to get up and take a walk.  Whatever the reason, despite mountains of good intentions, I very easily fall off the "I'm not buying lunch" wagon.  Then breakfast kicked in - I'm an up and out kind of person in the morning and don't eat first thing, so I'd often find myself at my desk an hour into the day STARVING and without morning-appropriate munchies.  The combo of stocking up and actually slowing down in the morning and easing into the day a bit, leading to breakfast at home, has helped tremendously.

It's silly, I know.  There are much bigger problems in the world than my effort to save some money and not eat garbage, but it's still a nice little step toward some changes I'm trying to make.

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