Friday, April 2, 2010

Bitter Puppy?

An update on my attempts to break Bozeman from his bad habit of chewing his leash - the hot sauce (despite my guilt pangs) was a failure as it appears my dog handles spice better than I do. This week I tried bitter apple. He made a face like "seriously lady, you've gotta do better than that," grimaced through the taste and continued to chew on his leash. I wanted to be frustrated but I suddenly flashed back to trying that awful-tasting Sally Hansen stuff you use to quit nailbiting...I was about 13 and instead of giving up the pathological chewing I would suck on my finger until the bad taste was gone and go to town. I'm mildly mortified that my dog and I handle our bad habits in a similar way. He doesn't know better, but it's not saying much for me.

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