Saturday, April 3, 2010

A productive day

I'm not sure how I'm even typing at this point. My hands are sore and blistered and my body is aching for bed but I'm enjoying the sense of accomplishment and anticipating my productive garden more than ever. I managed to construct my raised bed without incident, although I'll admit it took me longer than it should have to think to grab the drill in the basement. I also got a nice spot set up with a trellace for peas or beans, cleaned out and prepped the space for my herb garden and planted the beginnings of a strawberry patch. I did manage to get some general landscaping done as well, planted pansies and such, but that's really so I stop feeling guilty for having the crappy yard in the neighborhood, I'm mostly just excited about my veggies and berries. I'm re-inspired to cook. I'm nearly giddy about the buds on my blueberry bushes (we didn't notice them when we put an offer in on our house, but we also didn't notice two boarded up windows - long story- so I suppose it's a reasonable oversight. After closing in July I stumbled on three incredibly productive bushes and literally jumped up and down while clapping. I think my neighbors think I'm a bit nuts)

I even built a more organized spot for my compost pile, after flatly refusing to pay fifty bucks for a big, ugly, flimsy piece of plastic at one box store or another. I'll spare you the picture of my rotting vegetables. It was all hard work, I swear...


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