Friday, April 30, 2010

This week was certainly one that fit this humble blog's tagline - there was some serious struggle against a busy schedule. It could have ended up worse, but I certainly wouldn't call this a successful food week. I didn't get to the grocery store last weekend so falling into the eating out/ordering in trap was all too simple. Maybe it was just that I decided I was going to specifically avoid doing exactly that that the universe conspired against me. Really, I think it's just hard to be a good cook on a crazy schedule if you don't plan for it.

All of my out-of-house meals this week were purchased from locally-owned businesses, and at least that makes me feel a little less guilty. Part of it is definitely a desire to support local joints; but really, at the time of purchase when I was tired and hungry, I just wanted easy and tasty. Thankfully there is no shortage of folks who can foot the bill in that respect.

Still, I am a little frustrated that we slipped so quickly and easily into a pattern of eating out and avoiding our kitchen yet again. It does, however, illuminate some issues for me. If two people who actually enjoy cooking and are reasonably proficient in the kitchen can face some nasty combination of sloth and apathy when time gets tight, I can see how easy it is to slip into bad eating habits. It seems counterintuitive, especially when I know I can pull together a good, healthy meal in no time when I'm appropriately focused, but eating well takes effort.

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