Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thank you KFC

I heard about KFC's new sandwich, aka heart attack wrapped in paper, on Marketplace the other night and I couldn't bring myself to picture what a bacon sandwich with fried chicken where the bun should be would even look like. Thanks to one of my favorite local food bloggers, Steve Barnes at the Times Union, I didn't have to imagine anymore. I was also reminded that the item is not called heart attack wrapped in paper, but rather the "double down."

I've had a hard time cooking lately. Just not feeling it - partially because my boyfriend was out of town and I suddenly lived like a college student again and considered chips and salsa a perfectly appropriate meal (twice) and it's be
en busy and it's just easier to go to my local haunt for fried risotto balls and beer. But just the sight of the "double down" sent me running to my kitchen, nearly screaming for vegetables. In the midst of picking up for company, I was able to
grab whatever veggies I had lying around (broccoli, carrots and squash), some onion, garlic
and fresh ginger and give it all a quick saute. A bit of soy and orange zest mixed for a nice sauce. I tossed it all with udon, finished with black sesame seed and in no time eased the KFC-induced panic attack. I have to say, I think this was my most successful endeavor into asian flavors yet.

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  1. Looks delicious, meaning your meal, NOT the double down. I think they should rename it the "double-over" because that is what I would do in pain if I ever ate it!