Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On Monday morning, I decided to try an experiment - I was going to try to go all week (workweek) without spending money on food. No forgetting lunch, no buying coffee and cinnamon buns, and NO lazy nights of ordering in or going out. Western one was totally in as well. Lots of people accomplish this every week, it really shouldn't be a problem.


I did really good on Monday. And most of Tuesday. But then an old friend from college was in town so some of us revived an old tradition and met at the Ruck for wingburgers. Totally justified girlfriend bonding - worth breaking a resolution for. Then today, I stumbled upon a blueberry turnover. I love turnovers, especially when they aren't apple. And then a late night of work has resulted in my sitting here, at 8pm, settling in for a few episodes of Californication and Pasquale's pizza. Ah well, there's always next week to get on track. At least the food is good.

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