Wednesday, June 2, 2010

As foretold by my giant, yellow smileyface yesterday, I picked up my CSA box this evening. The pint of amazing strawberries almost made up for my recent berry heartbreak. Almost. I can certainly handle the volume this early in the season, with one possible exception - we never can seem to stay ahead of the lettuce. I can only eat so many salads, and without tomatoes and bacon, what the hell else do you do with the stuff? (mmmmm BLTs....)

I am currently staring at a head of green leaf and a bag of mesculin telling myself I will eat it before it goes bad and ignoring the wilty head of lettuce in the fridge I bought Saturday at the farmer's market. In my defense, said lettuce was purchased primarily for complementing sandwiches at camp, and has traveled to ADK and back, but still.

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