Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Dinner, GP style

I might be clinically insane because it is entirely too hot to be in the kitchen, but I set out to make Sunday dinner anyway. I had some chicken thawed out that I knew would languish in the fridge this week if I didn't make it. The chicken may represent a reasonable middle ground - naturally raised, no antibiotics or hormones, but I got eight breasts (reasonable sized breasts, not the "how the hell does the bird stand up" breasts) for just over eleven bucks. I'd like to do a bit more research on the brand, which I sadly can't share because I left the main package up at the lake, but I am hoping it serves as a reasonable transition option as we are working toward better choices. I have so much respect for the folks who are making really excellent meat choices and have limited their consumption accordingly, but we just don't seem to be quite there yet. It's just too easy to throw some breasts on the grill.

That's precisely what I did tonight - but I had to use our ind
oor cast iron grill because we don't have the propane grill set up yet. (blasphemy, right?)

I grabbed a bunch of herbs from my garden and made a quick marinade - leftover parsley from this week's CSA share, basil, rosemary and oregano. A bit of salt, pepper, and olive oil balanced out the
healthy dose of balsamic. I was going for an earthy, rustic flavor - I think it worked. I even managed to save some of this week's swiss chard (much of it had wilted) to round out the meal.

All in all, a successful plate considering my efforts to waste less, think more about my meat and manage to keep plants alive. The fact that it was tasty just made it all the better.

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