Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say hello to my little friends...

Despite rodent issues with my strawberries and neglect/black thumb issues with other plants, some parts of my garden are actually doing ok. The above berries pre-dated my moving into the house, so I can't take much credit for them. The blueberries are the best - the bushes produced like crazy last year and I'm hoping for a repeat. There are few better ways I can think of to start a morning than picking blueberries and dumping them straight into greek yogurt.
My peas and beans are also actually doing alright. These are the only thing I started by seed that is really thriving. Of course, my master gardener friend told me I really didn't need to start pea and bean seeds inside in April, but oh well, early peas it is. One bean plant is already almost as tall as me - and I'm not a petite girl. (I have been called a beanpole at points in my life, but that's another story altogether). Regardless, I'm encouraged.

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