Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Dinner

We used to be really good about cooking Sunday dinners. It's a nice way to take a deep breath before the week gears up again. The habit has fallen by the wayside lately as there's hardly been time to take a breath, but Western One resurrected it tonight with one of my favorite dishes. I even cleared off and set the dining room table so we could eat like grown ups.

Ah, this dish... grape tomatoes flash sauteed with garlic, salt, olive oil and just a touch of red pepper flake. Then, fresh basil - from my garden!! (ok, to be perfectly honest, I just bought the plants a week ago at the Menands Farmers' Market, they haven't really
been in the ground long enough for me to kill them yet).

And then the magic - goat cheese. Everything is better with goat cheese, but in this particular dish, it smoothes out the heat from the red pepper and just makes for perfection. The mixture makes a great pasta, but we often serve it as a side with steak. I remember, early in our courting, bragging to my friends about this meal. Truth be told, I still brag about this meal and have on more than one occasion told Western One it's what made me fall for him. Not sure how he feels about that.

I have tried to replicate it, but it just never comes out the same as when Western One makes it. Paired with steak and you have yourself a Sunday dinner. And even better? Steak salad for lunch tomorrow!

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