Sunday, May 1, 2011

For all the lounging, dog park visiting and hangover nursing I did this weekend, I actually managed a little bit of productivity. I made a really valiant effort to start the lawnmower so I am not run out of my neighborhood with torches, but it was not to be. The mower is a hand-me-down and was always touchy anyway. Add in the fact that I've never touched the thing myself and the cards were not stacked in my favor. The grass that was really annoying me was just some over zealous tufts in the back yard, nothing a little weedwacking can't take care of. Yes, I mowed my lawn with a weekwacker. I'm nothing if not resourceful. But, while such an effort is fine in the privacy of my backyard, I think the neighbors would put down their torches in favor of a straightjacket if I made that the mowing method of choice for the front this summer.

So, I decided to bail on the small engine approach altogether and today ordered a reel push mower. You know, the old-fashioned, rotating blade type. I might pretend that I'm just super committed to reducing my carbon footprint, but really I just don't want to fight with machines. My yard isn't that big and it doesn't grow fast thanks to shade, clay and clover, so I think it'll be a manageable little project.

To further reduce my mowing obligations, I finished turning the last remaining portion of my backyard that gets any reasonable amount of sun into garden. Peas, red lettuce and broccoli are in!!


  1. Love my reel mower. Mine was my Dad's and is very, very old but I so enjoy using it. Just don't let the grass get too high because they work better if you keep up with it. Had a neighbor stop their car on the street out front when I was mowing to ask if I needed to borrow a power mower. Nope.

  2. I seem to have similar lawn mower situation! Hoping I can borrow the neighbor's (alternating sides of my house neighbors) and get through at least the early summer on their kindness. You're doing great!

  3. I'm so excited to use it! DelSo - I'm sure it fits nicely in the back of a car if you need to expand your mover borrowing rotation!