Sunday, May 22, 2011

Relaxation, inspiration, alliteration

Look at me titling an alliteration post with a rhyme. Two similes and a metaphor and I'm looking at a kicking 7th grade English assignment.

I had a very hectic weekend. Lots of running around, working on the yard and garden, cooking and a bunch (but not nearly enough) of work. Oh yeah, and some prolific posting here. All of a sudden it was Sunday evening and I didn't feel the least bit relaxed. I looked at my chewed up fingernails still caked with dirt and, apparently, dye from the mulch I bought (that's a conversation for another time) and thought my hands needed a good soak. Then I decided all of me needed a good soak. So I drew a bath with blood orange and white pepper bubbles from bliss, grabbed bon appetit and settled in. All that was missing was the booze. By the time I thought to grab wine (or, apparently beer would have been better) I was already settled in. Silly me.

While enjoying the inadvertently "B"-themed bath, I found the booze right in the front of bon appetit in a plug for their blog. Mason jars filled with fruit and vodka. Blueberry vodka.

I have a soft spot for blueberry vodka that goes back a few summers. I'm not typically a fruity drink kind of girl but one especially hot day I was looking for something different and Julie at the Gingerman recommended blueberry lemonade. (It's Julie Byron, by the way, she totally fits the theme...) Except that it's blueberry vodka and lemonade. YUM! So here I am in my bubble bath and visions of homemade blueberry booze appear in front of me. And we all know I have a bountiful blueberry harvest. I can hardly wait!

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