Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well, the biblical rains ceased long enough today for me to get a little bit of yard work done and get a start on the garden. One thing I've learned about my new reel mower is that while it does a great job on grass and violets (sad...) it doesn't do much for dandelions. The little bastards just bend and pop back up. So the yard still doesn't look perfect, but it's better.

I hit up the Menands farmers' market this morning and now have a row of chard and some eggplant in the raised bed. It'll be my first attempt at either of these. I also got part of the herb garden in - basil and cilantro. I'm most excited for that, I've so missed just walking out my back door and snipping a fistful of fresh herbs right out of the garden. The rosemary I moved from the garden into a pot has survived, so I guess now I just have to decide if it should go back in the ground for the summer or if I should leave well enough alone.

I'm really hoping all this gardening inspires me to cook. At the moment all it's done is inspire me to wait out the next impending storm on the couch with some trash tv.

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