Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Rodents Return

I've not been shy about my feelings regarding squirrels, especially when it comes to my garden. I'm sure some of my issues can be blamed on rabbits and birds, but I chosse to place responsibility squarely on squirrel shoulders. (We will ignore the fact that my open compost pile likely feeds every little bastard for a three mile radius, thus attracting them to my yard. I'm very, very good at selective blame placement) Wonderpup tries to help by throwing himself against my sliding glass door when he sees one in the yard, but the urban renegades know he can't get them and I swear they just hang out and give him the finger. Poor puppy.

Anyway, now that I have plants in the ground, my obsessive garden checking has kicked in. I went outside this morning to admire my plants and found this...

Not a bite was nibbled, the culprit just yanked my baby chard from its new home and carelessly tossed it on the ground out of spite. Jerk.

1 comment:

  1. I despise squirrels! If I had a pellet gun, an ability to aim and the means of getting away with squirrel murder, I would totally shoot every single one in the DelSo.