Friday, May 27, 2011

A quick trip home.

It's quite warm out and the heat snuck up on me, so I don't have my A/C or fans all set up yet. I decided to run home mid-day to make sure Wonderpup wasn't sweltering and that he got a good water break. Leaving work at 1pm on the Friday before a holiday weekend with full intentions of returning is a HUGE test of will power. I'm going back, I swear.

While I was letting my pup chug some water, eat some ice cubes and prowl around the back yard, I decided to multi-task and take care of some yard work. The garden got a quick drink. I picked up some sticks from my giant tree that seems to be shedding them like nuts. And then I did this. In work clothes. In flip flops on a wicker chair.

What can I say, the branches laying on my house were driving me nuts. So down they came. I am determined to one day have a backyard that produces both food and relaxing enjoyment for me. Someday. Ok, back to work....

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