Thursday, August 5, 2010

Festival Food!!

I almost forgot to post about the fabulous festival food we had at the "Daddy of 'em All" - Cheyenne Frontier Days. Sometimes you just have to let go of reading labels and knowing your producers for just a glimmer of a moment and enjoy the childhood memories and summer fun that is inextricable from these tasty treats. THIS is what makes life good.

My weakness is fried dough, funnel cake, whatever crispy with cinnamon AND sugar. It's like I'm hardwired for the stuff. If I am at a festival and don't manage to partake, my joy lightbulb dims ever so much. Were I to miss a whole summer? Well I just don't know what would happen then! I'd probably need real fried pickles to rekindle my belief in life.

For me, the antithesis of the funnel cake is the corn dog. I had no interest in, and truly not much exposure to, these creations growing up. I decided I didn't like them without ever trying and that was that. Then I moved to the midwest and was ruthlessly chastised for being a corn dog rejector. I think it's just stubborn Irish at this point. I am not opposed to a hot dog under the right conditions, and I'm not even opposed to hot dogs wrapped in something. (pigs in the blanket....hello!!!) I've just dug my heels in on this one for some reason. Even Western One waving what he professed to be a very good corn dog in my face didn't do the trick. [Editorial note: It's like "that's what she said" is screaming and throwing elbows to get in on that joke. Must resist...] Corn dogs and White Castle...those are my lines in the sand...I'm willing to miss out on some pop culinary culture for the sake of my principles.

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  1. meh, corn dogs are nothing special. gimme a fried Oreo any day of the week!