Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So very sad

I am quite literally sitting at my desk eating stale bread. And although it's August, I will walk home through the driving snow, in heels. Ok, that last part is a lie, but I am munching on "just this side of stale" bread and feeling a tad sorry for myself. See,I can prove it...

This evening is stereotypical of a dangerous pattern, and one I often talk about trying to break. I'm hungry, I have errands to run, and while there is certainly some food in my house the devil on my shoulder is convincing me there is nothing acceptable that I could make before hunger drives me to ornery. Often, I will do one of a few things in this situation (although procrastinating by writing a post is a new one...):

1. Succumb to some in-transit garbage food. (thankfully this is rare because I really really try to avoid fast food, although sometimes I can convince myself a small fry is all I need to get through);

2. Go to the grocery store starving. I will leave with some combination of the following - cheese, salsa, tortilla chips, olives and a varitey of items that I believe will constitute a meal although I will without doubt forget one key item;

4. Go out to dinner.
5. Stay in the office and convince myself there is something acceptable in the vending machine.

My goal with the stale bread is to refocus long enough to finish the project I'm working on, run my errands and get home to a reasonably well-constructed dinner that does not include one of the five options above. Wish me luck... (maybe I should just buy some snacks for the office)


  1. Drive to the Farmer's Market on Delaware Avenue and buy some peaches. Eat the peaches and accept them as a meal on a beautiful August evening. Remember them in February when you are walking in your heels in the snow.

  2. I saw this at 6:52...leaving me just enough time to think "holy crap, an evening farmer's market. HOW did I miss this??", look it up and realize I couldn't get over there in time. So alas, no peaches tonight, but I look forward to doing exactly what you suggested NEXT Tuesday. I can't wait!