Sunday, August 22, 2010

Slow Sunday Sauce.

The other day I made a quick mid-week sauce, but the huge pile of tomatoes in my kitchen was calling out for more. A rainy, lazy Sunday obligedand I set off to work.

I essentially start the same way as for my quick sauce - peel the tomatoes, give them a rough chop and toss them into a stockpot with onion, garlic, and olive oil. Since I'm going for a deeper, slower flavor this time, I added fresh oregano, bay leaf and rosemary in addition to the basil, salt and pepper I use in a brighter sauce. A touch of red pepper flake and a chunk of parmesan rind round out the core of the sauce. Later in the afternoon, after the base flavors have done their thing, I'll play around with it a little, maybe add some green peppers and tweak the seasonings.

With the pot set on a low simmer, I'm off to the couch for some good reading and trashy TV. A stir here and there, another handful of herbs at some point to help layer the flavor, and I'm off the hook for a couple of hours. When Western One gets home I can pretend I slaved all day...

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