Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pizza Night

I decided to make a pizza the other night and was smart enough to leave the dough out to work its way up to room temperature. The last time I neglected that step, got pissed off and we ended up with garlic knots. Don't get me wrong, the garlic knots were excellent - I roasted a bunch of cloves in a nice little relic from my "I want to be a potter" days and worked the roasted garlic and parmesan right into the dough. But still, not pizza.

This worked out better. I wanted to take advantage of my fresh tomatoes and some local eggplant I picked up, so I went for a Mediterranean theme. On a wheat crust, I put a light layer of oil, fresh mozzarella, fresh oregano, caramelized onions, chopped kalamatas, grilled eggplant and slices of tomato. Then I topped with feta. So much for pizza being an easy meal - that one was a lot of work, but reasonably yummy.

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