Monday, August 2, 2010

The Universe wanted me to have this beer

I stopped into my favorite bar today for our traditional Monday post-work meetup and was prepared to order a Harpoon IPA when a can/tap (and yes, that's what it was) caught my eye. "Is THAT Dale's Pale Ale?" I exclaimed. Why yes, it was.

I was amazed because I'd only recently tasted this hoppy delight while driving though Colorado. Somewhere between Boulder and Ft Collins, a brewpub appeared on the side of the highway and Western One asked if I wanted to grab a drink. I think he wanted me to stop singing. Anyway, said brewpub was Oskar Blue's - a fun, funky place where we sipped ale and watched America's Funniest Home Videos on the tele. I decided to try one of the house beers and opted for Dale's Pale Ale. I'd enjoyed it and wanted to buy a 12-pack, but the brewpub itself wasn't allowed to sell at retail, so off we set for Ft Collins, with DPA destined to whither in my memory. Less than 24 hours later, it magically appeared at the Gingerman, begging me to drink it. My uncle reminded me that Jung said there's no such thing as a coincidence (I'll spare you the resulting conversation) and although my scientist partner would likely disagree with this profession of hoppy faith, I tend to agree. Anyway, DPA just about pushes the edge of hoppiness for me, but the citrus (grapefruit) finish is refreshing and yummy. Plus, how can you knock good beer in a can. No longer are we relegated to crap beers at glass-free events.


  1. 5 cans left for you. Just bought a 6 pack at Wegman's in Binghamton area.

  2. There is so much about this comment that makes me jealous...