Wednesday, June 29, 2011

After a long, miserable day of cleaning, I snuck out for a beer with family and friends at my favorite local watering hole.  Having absolutely no desire or ability to cook in my kitchen, I glanced over my shoulder at the special board to see if there was anything I wanted to take to go.  I think I exclaimed out loud, because my companions also turned to look and we were all drawn to an appetizer special.

House-made Mozzarella, pan seared in duck fat, with avocado, mango and raspberry gastrique.

Hoooollllyyyyy Crap.

My Uncle, who almost never orders food at the bar declared that we MUST try this and ordered up a serving for us to split.  It was amazing.  Better with the mango than avocado, but just, absolutely amazing.  I'm sure my heart will stop from eating cheese fried in duck fat but I don't care, I'll die happy.  The picture simply doesn't do it justice but I took it on the sly!


  1. Seriously? That sounds AMAZING1 Where, please?

  2. i second delso....where was this? sounds delicious