Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sounds I love, and the tastes they inspire

Right now the rain is gently giving my garden a drink so I don't have to.  Thanks rain.  It's also bouncing off my air conditioner when the wind is just right, pinging away to make itself heard.  Wonderpup is curled up near my bed, but for some reason on the hard floor and not in his own comfortable spot.  He's huffing away in the heat, a bit of panting, a bit of snoring, and the thunder is just far enough away to make its presence known but not near enough to disturb any of the other sounds.  It's a perfect balance.

This, right now, is the sound of summer.  It makes me miss my grandmother's back porch and the camp we used to spend time at on Lake George.  Wonderpup's huffing is the only new addition, but it's a welcome one.  I suddenly have an overwhelming desire to drink sun tea, play gin rummy and eat tomato sandwiches.  I'm also dying for strawberry shortcake.  The real stuff, with biscuits, not those spongy things you buy in the store.  Maybe it's the beers or the lingering effects of good company, but gosh the sound of the rain makes me happy... and hungry.

I'm curious, what are the summer flavors you can't live without?

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