Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life is short...

I went home today to see my youngest brother graduate from high school (gosh, I don't know how that's possible...) and on the way back to Albany I passed a car that had a bumper sticker which read "Life is short, play with your dog."  Truer words were never spoken.  I've missed my guy tremendously these past few weeks when I was trapped in the office and the bumper sticker made me smile even as I was yelling at Wonderpup to get back into the backseat.

While finishing the drive, I got thinking about other ways to complete that phrase - Life is short: read more, drink good wine, pick flowers, play outside.

Back at my house, the wreckage from weeks of quite literally coming home just to sleep is all around.  The house needs cleaning, my garden needs love, laundry needs to be done.  But more importantly my body and mind need a break and my puppy  needs some snuggles, so all that will have to wait.  So my exciting Saturday night plans are to settle in on the couch with a bottle of wine, my friend Cormac McCarthy, maybe some mindless tv and my Wonderpup.  I might be getting old, but it sounds just perfect.

I opened up my wine cabinet, craving red, and found the only such bottles were on the "bottom shelf" - the spot where I keep the good wine/special occasion bottles (backwards, I know).  I've been trying to dabble in learning a bit more about wine and I like to segregate the bottles I put some thought into from my standard everyday drinkables.  Mostly, I so rarely indulge in a bottle much over $15 that I want to be sure I don't grab it when I'm already a few glasses deep and can't truly enjoy it.

I lingered over the frissante white and the rose, but it's just not hot enough for either, I want red.  I lamented for a moment and then thought about the bumper sticker and my list - who says I can't drink a nicer bottle of wine by myself on a Saturday.  In fact, I absolutely should do that... so an '07 Sterling Cab it is.  I'm writing this post in an attempt to distract myself while letting it breathe.  Happy Saturday folks!